fire extinguisher servicing

Fire Extinguishers: More Than a Can of Water

As a professional organisation, the impact of complying with Health and Safety legislation should never be limited to a risk assessment and its associated control measures. Insurance, sustainability and operating costs are all influenced by the decisions that you make regarding this life saving element. Fire extinguishers are required to be serviced on an annual basis; in certain hazardous environments there may be a need to service on a more frequent basis. Servicing and installation have their own specifications to be met including  BS5306-3:2017 and BS5306-8:2012.

BM Fire and Rescue Service only use qualified engineers who have undertaken and passed a BAFE exam to undertake the servicing and installation of fire extinguishers and other firefighting media. 

BM Fire and Rescue Service are one of the small minorities of responsible fire engineering companies that can refill fire extinguishers to BS5306-9 2015, as well as reducing your carbon footprint, depending on the number of fire extinguishers located within the company, this can offer savings of in excess of £150. To discuss your fire extinguisher needs, as well as obtaining free, no obligation quote, contact us today on 01233 273 999




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